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Welcome to my website. I’m glad you’re here. I’m a biomedical engineer, inventor, designer, entrepreneur, and all-around nerd. Please take a moment to see some of my latest posts or view my résumé.

Graph Vizualization in Pluto Notebooks

I made an experimental Pluto.jl notebook to display graphs using Cytoscape.js. Cytoscape is a graph visualization library written in pure JavaScript. I used the package...
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Kroki + Pluto = ❤

Intro to Pluto.jl Pluto.jl is a package for Julia for creating reactive notebooks in your browser. A notebook is a series of cells of code...
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Isometric Pixel Art in Blender

Limitation spurs creativity. I think this is why sonnets and haiku continue to be popular modes of expression. In the same spirit, pixel art is...
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